Friday, October 12, 2012

Circus Folk & Little People

Josh got a special daddy date to go to the Circus - which meant he got to ride the trax train into downtown.  He couldn't stop talking and pointing out everything he saw as we rushed by. Once there, we found a churro and made it to our seats. Unfortunately, they were in the upper bowl behind the entrance, so the concrete wall is all the Josh could see while sitting in his seat (although he was just so excited that he smiled the whole time). Once the circus began, Josh alternated between sitting on the edge of Daddy's knees or standing/peering over the wall to see.
Josh was amazed by the animals and loved the elephants. Unfortunately, some of the acts went on longer than his little 2 year old attention would sit through. Just before intermission, we took a walk back out on the concourse to let him stretch his legs and go down to the front doors to see Grandpa Fergy (who works at the front doors in guest services) again. We were treated to spend the second half of the performance in the lower bowl in some fantastic seats where Josh could see much better.  
While his attention hadn't grown any, he did have a little more patience for the horses and elephants. 
Then the fire breathing dragon came out for the finale, and Josh couldn't stop pointing it out in excitement - he was thrilled to see a "real" dragon.
The circus was fun, but maybe a bit over Josh's understanding, maybe next year he will be at a better age to be more excited for all the acts & demos.

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Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

Wow! Look at that real dragon!