Thursday, October 18, 2012

Caught "Red" Handed

A couple weeks ago I went out for a sister's night out when I got a very irate call from Cory saying the kids had gotten into the find dye that was out on the counter and now it covered not only the kids, but also the whole house. I assumed it was the usual suspects of Cami and Josh, but upon arriving home I discovered I was only partially correct.  In fact this cute toddler below was caught "red" actually blue handed which took a couple of day to finally scrub off.  
The house except for one small blue mark was eventually scrubbed back to new.
Moral of the story, Sophie now has to be watched as she is learning to get into trouble and kids are just NOT worth all the trouble they cause!

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Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

Maybe you should invest in one very large safe to keep all potential mess-making items in:)