Thursday, October 18, 2012

Doughnut Day Fall 2012 Edition

As October rolls around again that means we start off the first weekend of this AWESOME month with our semi annual Fergy Family doughnut run to enjoy while watching General Conference!!!
It also means delicious shakes and fries at Iceberg's after the Priesthood session on Saturday night.
Only to again repeat out healthy doughnut breakfast again while watching Sundays conference. For some reason Sophie always has to eat with her foot on the table something we have unsuccessively tried to stop, you may note even hr foo has plenty of chocolate doughnut on it.
Our family, especially me, LOVES this time of year for the fun traditions and wonderful talks given during general conference. Even though our kiddos are usually house crazy from watching what are boring talks to them.  I can't get enough if it and as the Sunday afternoon session starts I get a bit melancholy that the whole wonderful weekend is ending and won't roll around again for 6 more months.

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