Friday, October 12, 2012

September's Storytimes

We started September's story-time with the Medico family for, "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus." These are apparently a series of books I had never heard of, but since then my kiddos have fallen in love with.
Charisse was feeling overly ambitious for this story craft time because not only did we have one fun cute craft of creating our buses, but then we did a second craft creating out pigeons and it involved paint...always a scary venture with toddlers!
Afterwards we just hung-out eating cookies and running around in the nice fall weather.

We unfortunately missed Aunt Julie's pirate story time due to the flu sweeping by in our family. So the next story time we attended was mine where we read, "Who Stole My Hat." For our activity we decorate paper and made our own hats. I think they came out adorable and with the already short people wearing them it reminded me a lot of Gnomeo and Juliet, except for Phoebe who insisted on wearing hers like a unicorn.
This story time was so wild and fantastic that it wore poor miss Sophie right out.
I am proud of us for maintaining this story group so far for 2 months, I am having a lot of fun participating in it and I think the kiddos are excited for every Wednesday's story and craft with cousins.

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