Monday, October 8, 2012

A Little Hula, Hula

In the end of September we got to celebrate summer for one last with the Fergy clan by having a Luau in Cory's mom's backyard. Our little fergy family had a lot of fun dressing up in our authentic Hawaiian clothes (thanks to my parents) & enjoying awesome diet breaking food!
We had all he grand kiddos present dress up in homemade grass skirts, which you can see some enjoyed more than others...poor Sophie detested this experience.
The kids all loved the fact they got their own pineapple cup and flamingo plates o take home which we eat off it still just about everyday.
After dinner we enjoyed a Hawaiian dance putt of by the older cousins. They even went through the dance a second time to each the younger kids, which they really enjoyed. Some followed the script dance closer than others. Cami's version of the dance was unique to say the lest and involved several twirls and karate like kicks then finished with a gymnastics like presentations to the judges.
Dancing was followed by all the kids receiving their own personal hula hoops & even a few personal demonstrations on the adults behalves...let just say some were better than others.
This was a fun way to squeeze the last bit of summer fun in to the season and I had such fun I hope there are more Fergy clan luaus to come.

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