Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Walking Around in Circles

Everyday our family takes a walk together, in the hotter months we prefer to get up a bit early and go walking before Cory has to leave for work because it is often too sweltering in the evening for the kiddos to go walking.  Our walks lately have become more difficult because Phoebe insists on bringing something that is an annoying to walk around.
Example 1:
The wooden rooster that was mine as a child.  This needed to go walking with us, which meant you had to walk to the side so as not the constantly kick the rooster over.

Example 2:
Her stroller and bear most often have to come on our walks.  This is "wonderful" because then Phoebe is walking, which is somewhere between molasses and a snails pace.  She then also becomes tired of pushing the stroller and then we have to carry it around or even better yet her around.  Let me tell you it is no picnic when you are by yourself and you are pushing a double stroller and carrying Phoebes at the same time.
Sometimes, however, it is worth it all when you see her do things like give Mr. Bear a refreshing drink on a hot day of walking.

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