Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Early Summer Activities

Summer was slow to finally arrive, but are enjoying it now that it is here.   I have to admit for the most part our days are the same.  We make a mess of the house with dress-ups and toys and then eat, nap and repeat the mess part.  You can see one of her favored toys, aka, an ice cream bucket. Also, lately Phoebe has had this strange obsession with this Dalmatian costume.  The costume is only a size 6-9 mos so I surprised she can still get her into it and also it is all fleece and it is 90+ degrees outside so she immediately begins to sweat in it.  
In mid June I got to go up for a couple of days to Millcreek Canyon with my cub scouts to Cub country. The first day we went to Cub frontier camp where we learned a lot about Native Americans and life on the frontier This camp was a lot of fun and I leaned several things myself.  The second day we went to Galaxy Quest.  There is was FREEZING all day and we just did a bunch of random activities with star trek names, example, Klingon Archery.  I found the second day camp tediously long and unorganized.
In the middle of June all the Fergy sibling and spouses gathered to surprise mom & dad for their anniversary.  for Christmas Mom & Dad always get season tickets to Desert Star (a melodrama dinner theater) so when we heard they would be going to a play for their anniversary we all decided to surprise them by attending the play too.  We had a ton of fun watching the Sheik of Persia (a spoof on the Prince of Persia) together and I can't wait to all go again sometime!.

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