Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fergy Clan Photos 2010

Every year we have all the Fergy clan together for pictures.  This year the we had to gather on Fathers Day to do the pics because Ashley & Luis are moving this week to California.  We decided to do the photos in the same spot as last year because it was one of the only spots shady enough at 6:30pm to have decent photos.
Here are all 11 Fergy grandchildren.
Our Family photos, not our best year for pics due to Phoebes incessant wandering around, talking & over all lack of cooperation.
The tree middle cousins. I love this picture because all the 2 yrs olds are showing such wonderful posing position that show off their personalities.
The Five Fergy Gand Babies, Cami and Josh are sick of pictures.
The seven Fergy siblings.
Our last family Photo infront of this fun bright wall, this is my favorite picture.
Phoebe really just wanted to wonder around in this dark doorway cove where I sure bums sleep and people relieve themselves in.  She finds all the best spots to play around in.

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Jenglamgirl said...

LOVE THEM ALL! Yellow is such a fab. color. I want to do Yellow and torquise for ours! Jenn