Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fathers Day

We started the Day with Daddy making his yummy fruit waffles.  I know he shouldn't have had to cook on his day, but he wanted waffles and he makes them better than me.  After breakfast while Daddy was in the shower, the kids helped me put out daddies awesome gifts, a photo book of Cory with the kids at various times, a bucket of  paint because he has been saying since last summer that wants to paint the upstairs and Avatar because he loved it and I got for $6 off Amazon (my go to shop for everything).
We had Cory's Fathers Day dinner on Saturday since there was a BBQ at moms on Sunday Night.  He chose to have Feta Steak, bacon wrapped green beans and rolls.  The green beans were a first for me and they weren't may favorite there is another green bean & bacon version that is way better.  The steak is a favorite of Cory's and I will post the recipe on my Food Blog.
As another gift Phoebe chose to wear this great hat with her outfit on Sunday which falls over her eyes ever 0.2 sec and she then blindly walk/bumps around.  Laughter, the priceless gift.

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