Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June's Date Night

Sorry there are a ton (8 in total) of posts.  A little over a week ago we lost our camera and only had large camera to take pics with, but no card reader to put them on the computer.  Yesterday, after a week of searching high and low I decided I had had enough of it and so I bought us a new small camera that would fit in my purse.  Today it was delivered & I really like it, but I think I would have liked it more had I not found our other camera last night. Ugggh! The fast way to find lost possessions in our house no matter how long they have been missing is to finally replace them.

As I wrote about in December enrolled Cory in the Date of the Month Club.  This year we have gotten to do lots of things we never get to such as go on dates in general, but also see movies, go bowling, watch plays etc.  This months date was a picnic.  I decided to have our date at home  so we didn't have to find a sitter, so after putting the kids down on Sat I went to KFC and set up a little picnic area in our back yard.  It was something we have never done before and tasted delicious!

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