Thursday, December 26, 2013

Our First REAL Snow Day

To kick start December we had our first real snow storm, which I was actually excited about for the first couple of minutes. I had bough a snow shovel and planned to use shoveling as a great winter work out. I unfortunately, hadn't even been hard at work for 10 minutes hen I got a call from Cory saying he slid on the roundabout near our home and hot the curb and blew the tire. I then dressed up the kids warm loaded them in the van and went to help. Just our luck things went from bad to worse quickly. We had a spare so coy went to work replacing it, but unfortunately couldn't get the nuts off and broke 2 stems trying to get the cross threaded nuts off, we then finally got the spare on only to discover it was flat. we then called AAA and had them come help us, they sadly couldn't help us with flat so they called in the tow truck. We luckily got free towing for 5 miles, but unfortunately the shop was 8 miles away. We paid the difference and finally got the car in the shop which was sadly just under $400 to fix.
That evening we had previously scheduled our 3rd annual Santa pics in Lehi, which is normally only 30 minutes away, but in the storm it was 90 minutes. We were about 1 hr late for pics, but they said it was fine since no one was showing up for their pics due to the storm. Our pics turned out adorable, I just love this Christmas tradition!
After the pics with fattened Daddy dressed up as Santa the kids got to visit the real deal and get a candy cane. 
While waiting for the pics we went out in the blinding show to visit 2 of Santa's reindeer and see the beautiful ice sculptures that had been cared the night before.
Normally, to end the evening we drive through the holiday light display, but this year we were eager to get home out of the storm so we skipped it, maybe next year we can drive through it again. Thanks Thanksgiving Point for another fun December Fergy Family tradition !

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