Thursday, December 26, 2013

O Edible Christmas, Oh Edible Christmas Tree...

Every year (for 3 yrs now) our little family has assembled some sore of cookie Christmas display. Last year we found the cookie tree and LOVED it for how simple it was to assemble. I was a bit sad this year I could find the same kit again in the store until finally 1/2 way through December Wal-Mart finally got them in stock! I snatched one up and the following Sunday we had fun putting it together.
All the kids took turns stacking the cookies and then helping to squeeze out the frosting, sprinkling on the snow and placing the candy ornaments carefully of the cute tree.
This tree always looks so cute, even though it's kinda of a mess in person up close.
My VERY favorite part of this tree is because it was so simple to assemble my heart is not broken when the kids want to turn around and begin eating it 2 minutes after it is complete.
This is a fun family tradition of our as well as cuddling afterwards watching Christmas movies as a family.
I just LOVE all the fun traditions that go with this time of year!!!

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