Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Snowman Extravaganza 2013 (Fergy Progressive Dinner)

Every year the Fergy Clan gathers for a progressive dinner, this yer it was only at 2 homes (Ours and Dave's). We had the theme for snow men to try and base our food off of. So I had appetizer so I made meatballs (Snowman Coal eyes) and Alfredo Sauce (Snow Gravy) The Madsens's were my appetizer buddy family so they had a, relish plate (Snowman Noses etc.)
Mom and the Medico's made the main courses if Chicken Pillows and Rice (Snowman Pillows & Mounds of Snow)
Our house was total chaos, I know this pic doesn't show it, but we has a ton-o-cousins running, playing and screaming.
After the first two courses we traveled to Dave's home for desserts. The Elwell's made hot cocoa (snow man cocoa), Julie made the most delicious cream puffs (snowballs) ever and I normally don't like cream puffs. Dave had a variety of marshmallows (snowman poop & mini snowmen).
Julie read the family SnowMen at Christmas, which this year's progressive dinner got its theme from.
The kids were supert trilled about the cocoa and treats!
For an added treat Grandma/pa Fergy gave all the kiddos fun snow & snowman glasses.
Thanks for another fun progressive dinner Fergy clan, excited to see what we come up with next year!

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