Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fatasy at the Bay

To kick off the Christmas season this year we tried a new adventure, Fantasy at the Bay. About 1 north of us (at Wheeler Bay) they hav a state park where they set up a HUGE display of lights and and Santa's workshop, so with the Fergy clan we went to visit. We were fortunate enough to catch a warmer day to visit so we weren't totally miserable outside. They kids were SOOO excited to get their wishes into Santa that when Santa visited our car before heading back to his workshop the kids just started yelling what they wanted, we then immediately had a talk about not talking that way to Santa and using polite words & tines when asking for things. When we got into Santa's workshop all the kiddos were a bit more calm in their requests. Josh wanted a digger, Cami an Eve toy (from the movie Wall-e), Phoebe wanted a barbie mermaid & Sophie requested a digger too.
Santa said he would work on it all and then gave them all suckers, which was thrilling for them!
After our visit we went with our cousins and waited for our turn on the carriage ride through the light display.
The kids LOVED the wagon ride through the lights, except for Josh who was disappointed that there was not actually hay on what was told to him was a hay ride through the lights.
This was a very fun and cute experience and I can defiantly see repeating this one fore years to come!

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