Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Trick or Treating with the Fergys!

For one of the first times ever the Fergy bunch went old fashion trick or treating instead of just doing the church trunk or treat. Everyone was super excited for Halloween this year including mom and dad, since we know trick or treating was gong to be big this year in our new neighborhood.
This year Phoebe was a peacock-
Sophie was an Indian, complete with sounds too-
Cami was Strawberry shortcake-
Finally Josh was a Shark!
I ADORE this twiner pic in their costumes.
I had to snap one last pic as the gang left for their candy haul. I stayed home to hand out candy and watch SNL Halloween skits.
The kids made out like candy bandits this year!
In the Fergy house we have always a dastardly Halloween Witch that comes to steal all the candy in the night so the kids had to try and reach their candy fill when they got home. Sophie's solution, double up on suckers.
This was a very different way for us to spend Halloween and though we really missed our old friends and trunk or treating we had a blast with 100s of other kiddos around  trick or treating door to door!

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