Saturday, November 30, 2013

October '13 Tidbits

In October the kids discovered a new secret hiding spot under the sink and since then on multiple occasions I have found kids in there sneaking treats, BUSTED Sophie.
October also brought Ducks football into full swing, don't worry we are properly indoctrinating our children to choose the right, GO DUCKS!
We started off the beginning to the month with a dusting of snow, luckily that wasn't followed up by much more.
October also unfortunately brought with is a speedy flu bug that swept through a could of our kiddos beginning with the weest one.
October also brings one of my most favorite holidays, a sign of all the fun holiday funess for the next 3 months to come. This year grandma/pa Potts sent the kids fun window stickers , which the kids played with non stop until they were all ruined or completely lost their stick. I also got a new decoration, a fun new wreath my neighbor helped me make!
One morning Josh crawled into our bed and refused to get out so I have to make the bed around him and told him the only way I know how to get lumps out of a bed it to beat them out, which was a consequence he was willing to face.
For fun one day I compared foot size after shoe shopping for Phoebe and Cami, really thought they were still about the same size, but clearly they are not! Below: Right pic is SOPHIE vs PHOEBE (Phoebe- the 6 yr Leftold is barely larger than Sophie- the 2 yr old) Right Pic is PHOEBE vs CAMI ( Phoebe- the 6 yr old is waaay smaller than Cami the 4 yr old).
One night Cory surprised me and with a romantic date night, this is the first time in our 8+ yr history I have ever gotten a bouquet of flowers! It was a fun night we enjoyed our "European" date night while watching The Tourist.
Miss Sophie tried so hard to keep up with her old siblings, but sometimes I find her in random spots around the house all tuckered out and sleeping.
Towards the end of the month we took all the kids out for ice cream since they all have birthday coupons for free ice-cream at Cold stone, we invited grandpa/ma out to join in on the fun. Cami eventually joined the fun, she started off so sad because she dropped a 1/2 a teaspoon of her ice-cream on the floor at cold stone and I wouldn't let her lick it back up, so instead she ignore the rest of her 99.99999% of ice-cream left to cry and morn the lost of her 1/2 of a teaspoon.
October is always a busy month in out home and this year was no exception!

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