Wednesday, November 27, 2013

October Movie Fun

For October we had a TON O FUN with Movie madness. It helped that Phoebe was off track so we had lots of time, like summer, to do it! 

We started off the month with mummy dogs, ghostly string cheese and Hotel Transylvania.

We did sneak in one non Halloween movie day, The Croods and caveman popcorn, I had never popped corn off a cob before but it was cool , it popped beautifully just like it did in The Croods.

Getting back to the Halloween movie themed fun we enjoyed a day of  jellied brains and the Corpses bride.

We made fun witches fingers and watched Hocus Pocus, they were DELICIOUS!
For the movie day I was most excited about we made some fun gingerDEAD men and watched the Nightmare before Christmas.
On the last day of our movie madness we made our own "great Pumpkins" out of rice krispes and watched Charlie Brown's The Great Pumpkin.
I had a lot of fun with Halloween and the movie days and think the kiddos did too.

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