Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Twins Turn FOUR!

Ten days after Phoebe's birthday the twins turned 4! 
Josh and Cami has school on their birthdays so they were super excited to take treats, juice and fun swirly plastic straws, to all their class. I would show a picture, but it appears that some little person deleted pics from my camera and replaced them with pics of her bunny and giraffe. 

For the twiners birthday all they wanted for their birthdays were scooters like Phoebe got, luckily grandma/pa didn't fail them. They all now have their own awesome scooters!
For dinner we had Josh & Cami's favorite: Pepperoni pizza. 
Since it was a nice day we took a little stroll together as a family before cake time, which is why they are wearing coats (a new b-day gift) in the cake pics. Cami chose to have cupcakes with rings on them. I don't actually know the characters on the rings, and neither does she, she just cared that they were rings. Josh chose a dog cake like Phoebe had for her birthday, but his has less random crap on it, more of a simple Halloween theme.
Josh was really adamant he wanted the head of the dog to eat...sick-o, however it had so much frosting on it he wasn't really sure how to eat it.
The twins had a fun birthday and were lucky enough to get everything they wanted!

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