Friday, November 22, 2013

The Monster Mash

The Friday after the wins turned 4 we had a monster Mash Bash for them. We had quiet a bit of drama before the party due to no power, the garage not opening manually and Sophie getting into fushia nail polish, but by the time the party got started all fell into place or either wan't an important detail.
We started the party by making all our own little pizzas which all were a huge fan off. While the pizzas baked read some really cute fun monster books.
Followed by pin the eye on the monster.
Right before we ate we created/colored our own fun monster place mats to eat on.
Following that it was finally time to chow down! Everyone loved their own mini pizzas.
When everyone was good and full we opened presents! Of course Joah & Cami LOVED this part.

After Josh and Cami opened all their gifts it was time for the rest of the kiddos to get gifts of their own...their very own monster to adopt. We had all the kids pic an eye ball of the wall with a number on the back which matched p to their very own monster.
Here is a picture of all their kids with their new monster pals. I really liked how these turned out , SOOO cute!
I chose to go SUPER easy for the cupcake decor, purple eye balls and frosting, everyone thought they were cute and it couldn't have been easier thanks to my SIL Charisse who stepped in and baked the cupcakes for me due to us having now power.
For all the kiddos parting gift we had monster dough, to create our own monsters, eyeball lollipops, candy, & one of my kiddos every favorite, glow bracelet.
I always make impossible expectations (due to budgets & I compare them to professionally planned parties) for all my parties to live up to, but even at that I think this turned out pretty darn cute, especially the little monsters; my kiddos still sleep with them every night! 


Amber Madsen said...

Your parties are always darling!!! I can't believe this lil batch is already so big!!!

Amber Madsen said...
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