Monday, November 18, 2013

Picking Our Perfect Pumpkins

This years annual pumpkin patch visit just happen to land on the nicest day and Phoebe's birthday, which thrilled her. We always have to take the cute posing pics before starting our epic pumpkin hunt.
This year Cami and Phoebe chose to ride in the wheel borrow out to the back of the patch.
Cami was the first to pic a pumpkin, she began by picking every pumpkin actually.
Phoebe was too picky about picking a pumpkin because no pumpkin was JUST right, so I had to coax her into believing that one pumpkin was perfect enough after 30+mins of straight pumpkin rejecting.
Josh & Sophie were left picky and Josh had several pumpkins and Sophie didn't quite understand the whole pumpkin picking out thing and just wanted to have a seat on them.
While Cory waited in the humongous line I went with he wee ones to play in their hay "maze". They loved it so much I literally had to climb in after Josh on my hands and knees to drag him out of there!
This last pic was an accidental shot on my camera, but it showed nicely how beautiful of a day we got to go visit all the great pumpkins. 
This is one of my very favorite activities all year, thank goodness for Octobers!