Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ready or Not for School???

For the last part of August us Fergys spent trying to get THREE kiddos ready for school. Here are all the kiddos which their fun new backpack thanks to Grandma/pa Potts!
We took Phoebe to her kindergarten testing where she got to show off to her smarts to her new teacher Mrs. Rottini.
Us older Fergy girls got to go out on a date to pick out our back to school outfits. It was a bit more difficult that I hoped for, but we didn't have enough time for everyone to get their own special dates. After dinner we enjoyed yummy ice-cream creations daddy prepared for us.
It took the girls a little bit to unwind from all the fun and ice cream so they ended up staying up later with me in their new pjs watching some TV. I had a blast on my little girly dates with them.
The next week I had the chance to so on a mommy dude date o pick out first day of school clothes for Josh. This is something he really didn't car about but he did have fun playing in all the kids areas of the stores.
 After the date just like the girls we came home to enjoy delicious ice creations daddy once again made. I really looked forward to going on these dates with the kiddos and part of me is sad they are over, but the good new is we have many more year of this yet to come!

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