Saturday, September 14, 2013

Phoebe's First Day '13

On August 30th Phoebe stared Kindergarten, and man she was excited for it! The night before we gave her a Father's Blessing for the up and coming school year and then we went and picked out her clothes for the first day of school
The next morning she was up bright and early ready to start school. I gave her the little back to school present Grandma Fergy sent, a princess school pencil sharpener and erasers.
 We then ate did, hair and headed out for our first day of school photo shoot. This girl is so stinkin' cute & photogenic I think we may have some boy troubles ahead of us, I can see it already with some of her poses.

 Once at her school I had to take a couple more pics!
After school I was able to snag Phoebe's new teacher Mrs. Rottini and get a shot of the two.
At home we had freshly made chocolate chip cookies because Phoebe is one smart "cookie" now that she is in school! We also talked about her first day and I asked her if she introduced herself in class and she told me she did so I asked her what she said & she told me, "Hi I'm Phoebe and we are new in the ward and my parents are the missionaries." I about died, her teacher probably thinks oh great one of these crazy religious kids/families. Oh well....what are ya gonna do.
On a side note Phoebe started school on a Friday and that night she had her first ever friend sleep over and it wasn't even at our home. Man I missed this little one it felt so empty just to know she wasn't asleep in her bed. Cami was so lonely Josh en and slept downstairs with her for the night.
Even now after a couple weeks Phoebe is still in love with school and to go almost everyday, she is sad on Saturdays when we don't get to go.

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