Saturday, September 14, 2013

August Tidbits

Even though August means winding down summer we managed to still have a bit more fun.

I was chosen again to host another fun House party, this time it was for Home Depot and Velcro. I admit the projects they gave me were a bit "special" so instead I just bought a bunch of Velcro and we all made cute quiet book pgs. It was fun and I have a fun mess of new and old neighbors join me for this fun.
We finished a little over 1/2 of Phoebe's & Cami's room & I love how it turned out so far!
I am actually getting a head start on all the Party fun the twins will have to celebrate 4 and Sophie, doesn't like to sit by and watch me do it, soI have been instead learning to sew with a 2 yr old on my lap. It is not very productive, but it buys me some time and her patience while I work on my project, so we make do.
The kids have had lots of their own fun too, some more appreciated than others. They popped Cami's bean bag and threw the beans everywhere like it was snowing, one of the least appreciated fun activities of all summer. I had fun making Phoebe breakfast one morning, but Phoebe didn't appreciate my baby chocolate chip pancake I made her. Josh created one highly "attractive" outfits for himself, while Sophie discovered how nice naps on the bean bags were.
Cory and I went on a date to The Lone Stranger at Desert Star theater, which turned out to be one of their funnier plays!
Sophie discovered how cute she could be in her new Farrah Fawcett hair due. This is just trouble for us, it now makes it harder to be made at her when she is really just pure naughty to her little blacked core.
Once school started for all the tracks but hers, Phoebe got lonely and created a "computer" where she could Skype with Cynthia the neighbor girl while she was at school.
We felt honored to be invited to one of our  new neighbor's quinceanera. It was a gorgeous catered dinner party where she did all her fun choreographed dances we have been watching her practice in their drive way for months. Phoebe thought she looked like a princess and about cried when we had to leave and she hadn't gotten a a pic with Maria, the party girl yet. 
Before the run of babies that are about to be born in the Fergy family all us girls decided to have a girls night out, I didn't get a big group shot, but here is a pic of Julie and I at the yumm-o pizza parlor.
One day when having a rough morning we decided to break things up a bit by having a picnic in the park it was cut short a bit by too many bees on the lunch and a passing rain shower. It's fun to live next to so many fun parks.
Out neighbor came over one morning about 7:30 when Cory was leaving and taught the kiddos how to play hop scotch, they loved it!
Phoebe brought me Sophie one Sunday afternoon in a panic and told me Sophie caught a case of the dots...Oh no, I hope it's not contagious.
Finally at the end of the month Sophie discovered how to apply make-up that really highlights her natural beauty.

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