Thursday, September 12, 2013

August Fergy Summer Fun

We started out August with more of our fun Movie Madness Mondays. We watched Winnie the Pooh and Made Peanut butter Honey Buddies, DELISH! Sophie played the part of Pooh Bear perfectly trying to eat her way though the honey cap to get to the good stuff and getting sticky all over her arm in the process.
The next week we watched the Polar Express and made Frozen Hot Chocolate, this is addictively good, I made some more the next day! I meant to have this for Christmas in July, but we were a month late, oh well.
In the middle of the month we actually did what's fun Wednesday and make some glitter slime, it didn't turn out perfectly, but the kids had fun with it anyway. Don't ask why Josh was a pirate lion, it was dress-up day I guess. Also on a side note, Josh figured out how to cross his eyes (or eye in his case) so it is not hard to get a pic of him not doing it now.
We finished off the month of August with the Movie Surf's up and cracked a coconut and enjoyed some squid on a stick, a popular delicacy in the movie. For this week we also had a neighbor friend, Megan, join us.
We'll see if we are able to keep up any of the fun days during some of the 1/2 school days ahead. If not luckily every 9 weeks Phoebe is off for 3 wks for more Monday movie madness fun!

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