Thursday, July 25, 2013

June's Misc. Fergy Sightings

NOTE: I have so many posts to catch up on don't forget to hit Older Posts at the bottom to see all our fun we've had the is summer so far!

June has been lot of fun here in the new Fergy home. We had read a TON of books and have partied so hard the kiddos just drop down for naps where ever the stop moving.
We have had tried to re dedicate our selves to more fun FHE (Family Home Evening) and the kiddos have LOVED dressing up and playing all sorts of games. Here we dressed up and reenacted Daniel in the Lions Den.
We had the opportunity to travel up for a cousins wedding, which the kiddos loved because if the park like location and the fact the the bride-Lucy, let the girls have their own mini bouquets of flowers to take home.
Cory and I had some fun dates. We got to meet the man of steel and watch his new movie for free, treats included. WOOHOO! We also watched the new Les Meserables and part took of some European treats, one of our favorite kids of dates, yummy food and our own couch and no having took for a sitter.
We hit a milestone in our marriage last month when we fit two cars that we actually own in one spot. Usually we only owned one car or if we did own two one was in the garage or drive way and one had to be parked down the street, so having the garage finally cleaned out enough to part 2 cars in it was the stuff of our dreams. 
For fathers day we got a little creative this year and made Cory some stepping stones with all of our hand prints in them. We also got him an extra fuzzy blanket that he coveted from the wedding gift we have to Lucy.
In June my mom had to break down finally and get prescription sun glasses and luckily for me she had about a dozen different pairs of glasses she sent me after my own pair finally broke even after all my jury rigging to hold them together and the kiddos didn't let my new fun box of glasses go un-noticed.
We also had lots of time to play and dress-up; we even finally broke out the new lawn more toy Josh got back in Christmas. We had our cousin Afton and Chip hang with us for a sleep over which was new a pretty exciting for the wee ones.
I just had to include this last pic of Cami, because it is one of the cutest ones I have even taken of her, she is usually so fast paced, all her pics are of the back of her or are grumpy because I made her stop running around long enough to take a pic.
We have had a pretty fun month and I hope all the fun continues all summer long!

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