Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fergy Family 4th of July Festivities '13

We started off our 4th of July off early with a delicious breakfast at Grandma/pa Fergys! The kiddos had a blast eating yumm-o pancakes while relaxing and watching Cars to prep for our car party later that morning.
My kiddos tried to dress in patriotic colors for the 4th, but I let it slip and forgot to get them their normal fun festive clothing, well Sophie had some because they were Phoebe hand me downs.
After breakfast we began our awesome NASCAR party which meant all the Fergy gandkiddos got out their boxes and made their own cars. Josh really had a "flare" for making his car one of the coolest. I forgot to get close-ups of Cami's car, but you can see her in the big group party shot with most all the cousins.
Grandma had all sorts of fun car themed games for the kiddos to play, like at the tire rotation station
Lastly we ran them all through a "car wash" involving us spraying them all down  (spraying them with squirt bottles) & then soaping them up (Running through bubbles).
At the very end all the the dads gave their kiddos awards like the fastest (Josh-because of the flames), the spyiest (Sophie's - because her plate was 007), the rosiest (Phoebe- because she had Purple rose on her license plate), & I forgot Cami's but you can see she is sure proud of it in this pic!
After the car festivities we enjoyed a yummo Training Table style hamburger bar complete with great sides!
Since this was also a grandma Fergy party it wouldn't be complete if we didn't have lots of fun food themed to the party.
After lunch we came home and threw all the kiddos in bed for a nap them enjoyed a relaxing evening before all the excitement of firework watching. We have never spent money on fireworks and I don't know that we ever will there were TONS and TONS of large fireworks to watch going off all around our house. We just took a blanket out front and made some popcorn and enjoyed the free shows. We also had the our fun new neighbors across the street come over and play and bring us all pop-cycles.  
Our kiddos were in heaven after all the fun of the day and night and I can for-sure say I LOVE our new house and area, it is going to be fun having the kiddos growing up here in this neighborhood with all this 4th of July fun!

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