Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hangin' Out in Afton with Afton

The day after all the firework fun we still managed to get up early and heave up to Afton, Wy for the day to visit Gory's Grandma Wilke's and Aunt Carolyn. It is always fun and relaxing up there, but this year is was even more so because we went with Cory's brother Dennis and family. The kids had a blast playing in the fields going on walks and pretending in grandma's play house.
As we entered the driveway to grandma's house the Shadowbrook sign was always the first "sign" of home, but they recently had to take it down due to aging and before it left Cory wanted one last pic with the beloved sign before it found it's new home with another cousin .
For lunch we of course went to Burger King a staple of any Afton visit, as is a pic with grandma even if it involves a bunch of kids who won't cooperate and look up.
On our way home this year we were for some reason we were travailing extra slow so when we got to Evanston we were starving and needed to stop for dinner. Non of us were in the mood for fast food so we looked up a local Denny's to eat at. We were a bit confused when the address that we were given lead us to a neighborhood and then eventually to some random guy's house. We laughed and laughed because we were supposing that the address was so some guy who must just be named Denny. Eventually we found a JBs, which had the largest kids menu I have ever seen, and enjoyed a yummy home style dinner.
After dinner we were treated for the rest of the ride with beautiful skies for gaze at everything from fun rainbows to gorgeous sunsets, these pics don't do any justice of the beauty, the sky was neon pink and then red as the sun sunk down behind the mts.
This was just a fun day trip to grandma's, but it was probably on of the funnest our family has even had, since we took our time and stop to enjoy a few more of the sights along the way; this may just had to be a new norm for this Fegry family.

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