Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reading is Fun Fair

In June we heard about a couple of free fun activities that were being put on, one was a free fishing day and the other was the sidewalk chalk and reading festival. We unfortunately missed the free fishing day which broke poor Phoebes heart, but we made it up to her by going to the chalk and Reading fair downtown. We saw TONS of really talented people and the kiddos LOVED all the bright drawings of familiar shows and characters. 
After the drawing we walked over to the reading fair. They had tons of booths to visit and load up on all the free stuff. It was quiet crowded, but we took our dose of extra patience and tried to visited almost all the booths and completed the scavenger hunt of booths they had to collect all the free crap possible.
The kiddos loved all the booty they left with these toy Story characters. I am not sure I could drag Cory to this again, especially since we had one of the most expensive parking tickets ever, upon returning to our van (it was a stupid ticket and we even had to stop 2 other people from doing what we got a ticket for when we left). I am sure we have 4 kids who had a blast & would jump at the chance to return to it.  

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