Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shoe Fly don't Bother Me

In the end of June Grandma Fergy held another one of her awesome Grand kiddo parties, this time the theme was a Bug Party.
We started by reading some bug stories and putting on the sun block. It was about 100 for the high that day so we spent the whole time in our cooler swim suits.
We then traveled over to some shade and painted some rocks to look like bugs. Well, Phoebe was the only one of my kiddos to do that the rest of my kiddos just painted the rocks fun colors and then glued googly eyes on it.
We had some fun relays involving catching butterflies (not real ones) with nets and swatting bugs with GINORMOUS fly swatters.
We had a bug dig where all the kiddos had to dig in the pile of dirt to find all the bugs. The kiddos had a lot of fun doing this even my youngest nephew Chip got in on all the fun.
We reenacted 3 little fogs on the log jumping into the poo where it was nice and cool with all the cousins.
Our last real game was to take water squirters and squirt all the bugs off the walls like mini exterminators.
Following that we lined them all up and put them all in "spider webs" of silly string, which I think was Phoebe's most favorite part of the day and she still talks about it.
I have to say the most amazingly themed lunch was my absolutely most favorite part of the party. I took lots of pics of it all and you should take the time to read all of it, it was way cute/clever.
It wouldn't be a grandma party if she did give the kiddos cute party themed take home prizes.
My kiddos always have so much fun at the parties we have and I am trilled to have Grandma Fergy and lots of cousins so close for the kids to enjoy so many fun parties!

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