Thursday, January 24, 2013

Over the River & Through the woods...

For the month of January we have been starting in Fergy Mom & Dad's basement. It has worked out pretty well, in spit of the frustration I feel living out of suitcases & the kids lack of seeing daddy with his new work-a-holic work schedule of 3:30 am-5:30 pm (their bed time is anywhere from 7-7:30 pm). 
We fill our days with tons of movies and playing (luckily Grandma Fegy has TONS & TONS of toys). We have had a few issues with all 4 kiddos sleeping in one room, but we have learned to make some napping adjustments to solve some problems and have just learned learned to deal with the other 5:30-5:45am morning wake-up time issues. 
I have added a few pounds living here since I don't have my normal chores to run around doing & not to mentions all the yummy food & treat grandma is always cooking & serving.

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