Thursday, January 24, 2013


The day after Christmas we got started early taking down all the decor and beginning to pack up the rest of the house. We had boxes everywhere, which the kids made mini beds out of & watched movies while we packed around them 
Phoebe was such a big help she even packed her own "suitcase" of necessities. This luggage included several pairs of underwear, 2 pairs of church shoes, a nightlight, a CD case & umpteen stuffed animals & dolls everything Phoebe said he would need for the next 3 months (Note: no clothes were included).
I chose to do the POD thing this time since it was better than the alternative of moving it all into storage and then moving it again to the new house. Unfortunately, the POD came a day late due to the snow so it meant Cory was packing until 3am in 17 degree weather by himself while I held a small Sophie who was so confused why she had no bed and couldn't relax or stop crying until a little after midnight when I finally held her to sleep in our bed and then laid her on a heating pad so she still thought I was holding her. I then left her to sleep in our bed the whole night afraid to wake her again and start it all over again. At 3 am we came to a good pausing point, plus I was freezing, so I convinced Cory to go to bed. At 6am Cory got up to finish moving the rest of the stuff so by 10 am Maryann (our renter) could begin moving all her stuff in. In another sad turn, however we discovered that all of our items from our 3 rm house, however, did not fit in the POD that said it was large enough for a 4 rm house.
SOOO we had to get a UHAUL to take the rest to Dave's house (Cory' twin) to store. When it was finally gone I was thrilled to have that part over with, it just left me with all the cleaning that was almost impossible since our house was full of Maryann's items already. I stayed up until 1am cleaning out the kitchen and vacuuming stairs, while the rest of the family had a "fun" family sleepover on the floor in the one room not filled with Maryann's boxes.
The next morning we got ready for church, but were then 45 minutes late becauses we loaded up the last of our items to the van to officially move out. 
After 5 years we said goodbye to our cute little town house on 67 E Calbourne Ln. Also on one last note, this was also our 7th anniversary, so we joked about our 7th yr anniversary being the Mother-in-law anniversary because Cory got me a 30 day all inclusive stay at the B&B de Mother-in-Law. I was actually just elated to finally be moving into Fergy Mom's home so we could hurry up and making through this 3 month homeless period in our lives.

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