Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brush 'em, Brush 'em, Brush 'em Keep Those Teeth Clean

January brought about the first visit for the twiners to the dentist. I was a bit curious to see who it would go, since they hardly sit still but they did pretty well. Cami was first and I love how little she looks in the big chair. When they laid her down she insisted on having her legs lay like a frog. She was a bit scared of the water spray and didn't get the concept of the suck-y straw so she just swallowed the whole mouth full of the fluoride foam.
Josh was next and he was more nervous about the bright light in his eyes more than anything else; although he seemed content, he was sure eager to get out of the chair the second the hygienist was done!
We had a bit of a wait until the dentist could check their teeth for sugar bugs so everyone got a bit restless. 
It turned out that everyone had a perfect checkup and so they got to pick out fun prizes out of the box, they even let Phoebe had something which helped subside some of her raging jealously since she wasn't one one being seen today. The twins were more than thrilled to get their own sack of toothpaste (which they ate:( ) floss, and tooth brushes!
I am glad they my kiddos, so far, have been pretty happy/eager to visit the dentistry and not screaming/scared messes!

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