Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pumpkin Painting Party

As is Halloween time tradition in the Fergy home we once again had our own mini painting party with the pumpkins we chose at the farm. Phoebe quickly painted hers with a face and glasses and was done in 10 or so minutes which was great for her since she immediately came down with a quick striking bug after that and spent the rest of the night with a fever and vomiting.
Cami had fun painting lots of lines in her pumpkin and spent about an hour beautifying it. Josh lived up all this fun the most, however, and I finally had to cut him off from painting after 1 1/2 hrs because it's was bed time.
Sophie didn't paint a pumpkin this year no did she care about it, but maybe next year she will be excited to join the rest in all the fun.

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