Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Poisonous Apple Party

During UEA week this year I decided I wanted to try my hand at gourmet candy apple making so I invited the Fergy clan our to mix and make our own yummy caramel/candy apples from scratch  We had a little trouble with the caramel, but in spite of the runny nature it tasted like little angles dancing on my tatse buds!
We started with plain caramel apples and all the kiddos went crazy at first adding all the sweets, some quickly pooped out, however, and decided to quickly start licking and eating  their apples.
While others had to add and add and add upon their apples until they nearly doubled in weight. Cami quickly figured out that adding the candy to her apple only added a middle step, instead she could just eat the candy directly. 
All the adults even tried their hands at decorating our own gourmet caramel apples however some tuned out
better than others; I won't name names, but pictures speak 1000 words.
In the end I think our poisonous apples turned out the cutest and my personal favorites.
In case you were wondering where Sophie was this whole time, her job was to sit in her chair be cute and manage all the chocolate, I think she did a fabulous job at it! 
Even though this party was total crazy with all  the chaos I had a ton of fun and I think it would make a great addition to our Halloween time traditions.

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