Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Witchy Good Time

As I had promised to do after the first trip to see the witches was a bit of a flop for us I took the kids back to Gardner Village to visit the witches again when it was less crowded.  This time I just took the twins since Phoebe was still sick and Sophie could car less. The twin and I went on the Ride to a Witch, which was just a hayride around the parking lot to a fun witches village in the back of the field. We met lots of fun witches there in all different shapes and characters. We toured the gypsy witches trailer and she taught us many delicious recipes.
We then went and visited a southerner witch who tried to feed us smoked boot and let us be apart of her foot stompin' band on the stage.
The won didn't understand mos of what was going on and it was a bit long for their attention spans so instead they took these cute pics on he hay bails in he middle of the village.
One of the last stops when the twin were ready to join the tour again was a witches day spa with was a nasty ole tub with snakes and green water, which Josh really liked. After coming back from he tour we only visited a couple witches on the way back to he car since we had trouble minding and staying with mama. I think they had a lot of fun and maybe the witchy our might be more fun to do in a couple years when the kiddos are older and get more of the jokes.
The next week when Phoebe was feeling better Cory took Phoebe on her own personal date to see the witches. They didn't do the ride because by the time they had looked around at all the other witches Phoebe was cold already so they just had fun instead enjoying the already familiar, but much less crowded sites.
At the end Cory took Phoebe to pick out a little sucker which was probably one of the highlights of the trip since that is all I heard about when she once again arrived home.

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