Saturday, November 10, 2012

Double the Party Fun

Back in e end of October the twiners celebrated their 3rd birthdays. This year Cory actually had a class all night on their actual birthdays so we instead celebrated a day late. Clothes from grandma were their only present that received on their real birthday. Phoebe was really jealous this year that all the twins got the attention so I gave her the Thanksgiving window stickers that grandma Potts sent and she was thrilled she got her own present too.
The next night we actually opened all the gifts and had our birthday meal. the twins were really excited to get their own bikes after pawning over Phoebe's bike for the past 10 days.
Josh in fact loved his helmet so much he refused to take it off the rest of the night.
For dinner Josh picked pizza and for dessert Cami picked "cake". I make the cupcakes miniature Truffla trees from the Lorax, which the kids really enjoyed, mainly because they were made out of cotton candy!
The twins are so stinkin' grown up I can't believe it. This year might be the actual year Cami and Josh officially out grow their older sister in height and not only weight.

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