Friday, August 17, 2012

Oregon My Oregon 2012 -PART 1

In the middle of July us Ferguson's made our annual homage to the motherland of Oregon. For the last 2 years we have made the trip in 2 days, but this year we chose to get up and leave at 4am and make the trip in one day and it was AWESOME! The kids were great and we only made one 45 min stop the whole way.  When we got to grandma & pa Potts' house we even have reserved preferred parking for us. This kids were most excited to see Tillie & Louise (grouchy as Phoebe calls him) and they just were trilled to lay all together watching the dogs.
The kiddos were thrilled to have a big yard to play around in and while grandma and I were out getting pedicures daddy and he kiddos had fun making forts and playing with Grandpa Potts' bubble machine. All that fun must have worn them right out however, because I went down stairs later to find Phoebe and grandpa taking a nap together.
On Saturday of our visit we had a BUSY day. We started off way early with family pics in Portland which turned out way cute, as can be seen in a few samples below, but went a bit long for the kiddos patience. Aferward we found a a delicious breakfast cafe by the temple on Lake Oswego where the adults got to somewhat peacefully eat & the kiddos enjoyed chocolate panckes that looked devine and colored under the tables (as long as they aren't running around the restaurant or screaming I count as a relaxing win in my book).
We followed pictures and breakfast by our annual carousel and park trip this kiddos LOVE LOVE LOVE that carousel and grandpa even splurged this year and the kiddos got snow cones, which they late one table spoon of and gave to us. Note to self, not buying them these next year.

When we got home the fun didn't stop there because then grandpa hooked up his cart to the tractor and we all got a ride around part of the neighborhood.
Phoebe commented several times on the tractor ride that that day had been the best-est most fun day EVER!

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