Friday, August 17, 2012


We have been planning July's date night since last December when we bought our Wicked tickets. Cory and I have had the Soundtrack to wicked since before we were married and even listened to it for several hours as we were driving on our honeymoon, so when the opportunity came for us to finally see it we were trilled! We wanted to make it a supper special night so we ate at one of Salt Lake's nicest restaurants, The Roof, overlooking Temple Square. It is normally pretty expensive but they over a free meal in the month of your birthday so Cory ate for free! The restaurant made it an extra special night for Cory by putting a Happy Birthday sign on our table and they even had the piano player play happy birthday for him as they brought him chocolate puddling and a candle to blow out.
 After a delicious dinner we had extra time so we walked all around the new City Creek Mall and enjoyed ourselves and then meandered over to the theater were we met up with the rest of the family to enjoy Wicked.
We LOVED this show and would definitely go again!  I only wish I didn't have to fight for a view of the stage behind the larger haired lady in front of me. We even had a wonderful summer's night walk back to the car where discovered all the doors down to the parking garage were we were parked were locked so we had to walk down to the tunnel you drive into to get to our car, but on the plus side we owed $11 for our parking time and when we went to leave there was no one there so it said it was all free, YEAH! Moral of he story always wait until after 11pm to get your car and you will get to park for free.

Fancy dinner and show dates are always my favorites...too bad we they are to expensive to do more than once a year! Thanks daddy for another AWESOME date night!

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