Friday, August 17, 2012

Cory's Totally Awesome 32nd B-day/Pioneer's Day

For Cory's birthday this year I chose have our traditional doughnut cake for breakfast instead of dessert, which was a HUGE hit. This was also Sophie's first jelly doughnut and I think she was an instant fan of them.
After breakfast we opened gifts, which Cory had a good bundle, lucky guy. One of his favorite gifts was from my mom, UofO grilling gear. After the gifts were opened we went over to Grandma/pa Fergy's to celebrate Dave's & Cory's birthday and the pioneer holiday with the rest of the family. We also enjoyed another yumm-o breakfast.
Mid morning the clouds finally broke down and started to DUMP buckets of rain on us. The kids enjoyed walking around in the rain with giant umbrellas and also playing a wet muddy version of ultimate frisbee with the othter adults. Phoebe and Cami eventually got so wet they thought their swimsuits would be a bit more appropriated attire.
After coming home for a nap and Cory's choice dinner of brauts & potato salad we chose for the first time ever to do some fireworks with the kids. Unfortunately, it was windy so we had a hard time getting anything to light. We chose the cheapest least harmful fireworks to do for the first time so we started with smoke bombs, which they all thought were really fun & then some sparklers with cups as hand guards, an idea I saw on Pinterest that worked perfectly! Cami liked doing them the most as you can see by her face, but overall I  will have to splurge on 2 pks of smoke bombs they were such a hit.
After our slightly scary pyrotechnics act we came in to enjoy Cory' Reese's cupcakes. I was thrilled with how cute and delicious they turned out. Right after we all ate one I made the executive decision to take the rest to our neighbors because they tasted like heaven which makes them pure evil. You may note I didn't have a #2 candle so I just used two #1s It is meant to be 32 not 311 like the band.
This was a pretty fun year for Cory's birthday and one of the most relaxing I have had in years. Happy 32nd Daddy!