Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sittin' in the Shade Sippin' Lemonade

In the beginning of July my sister-in-law threw a fun Lemonade pool party for all the cousins. We had everything lemonade! Including about 9 varieties of lemonade to drink and cookies, bars, cupcakes, & ice cream lemonade flavored treats.
Our kiddos had a ton of fun eatin' and playin' he whole warm afternoon away! Phoebe dug in the sand and built princess towers. Cami on the other hand swung in the swings, her favorite activity anywhere, & her and Josh both bounced for hours on the tramp and ate tons of treas. Sophie just spent the day crawling and eating whatever treats were left in her reaching level. Non of my kiddos actually swam, but they usually never do so it came as no surprise, but we all did have a ton of fun!!!

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