Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Ghost Adventure & Pioneer Roots

This summer I had a goal to try and do some fun activities with my family so in an effort to I downloaded a summer bucket list and on it was visit a ghost town. since I had never been to a ghost town before I thought the kiddos and I would love it and in fact I found out there was one not to far from us which brings us to a soaking wet day in Ophir, Utah. Ophir is actually still populated a LITTLE bit s it isn't a true ghost town, but it still had a on of cool old buildings that had been restored for the most part.
Although Ophir for the main part was an old mining own they still had a tiny one room school house for all the miners children to addend, unfortunately it was locked so we couldn't go in, but the kids loved the old bell outside of it.  we also got a kick out of all the "old" outhouses around the town complete with faux boots inside as if they were still being used.
The town is open and he buildings are unlocked on Saturdays, but we didn't know that so we just admired all the old buildings and train carts in the rain from the outside, at least we had the place to ourselves! Josh also loved that on EVERY building there were beware of snake signs, he made sure to point all of them out by hissing at me. Oh, I didn't mention Ophir is in the foot hills of the mountains and so the town is straight up and down (alomst LITERALLY) so you can see how my niece Michaela and I had to just drag Sophie's stroller behind us up on the gravel roads because here was NO pushing it up.
After Ophir we made another soaking historical stop on the way home. This time a the Bristol Grist Mill, which is an old pioneers flour mill. We learned house the pioneer manufactured flour way back in the day.  They also had several other little houses that we got a tour of including the old the personal homes and setup of some of the pioneer, blacksmith's place & the textile manufacturer.
The Mill was a fun little place for the kid with lots to see, some activities to participate in and several free roaming chickens that all the two year old kiddos got a kick out of. Even though the rain was quite prevalent the kids LOVED this day even miss Sophie who just spent the day in her stroller SOAKING wet she didn't complain.
We finished our fun wet day with a picnic lunch. When we were as waterlogged as possible and it was time to head home my kiddos all complained and sill begged for more. This was a fun day that I could see doing once again.

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