Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fergy Fourth of July & Cousin Carnival

As with every 4th of July we started off the holiday at the Bishop's pancake breakfast. The kiddos always love this because all their friends are there and they get to ride in a golf cart in the parade. This year for the first time we brought Phoebe's tricycle and she & Josh took turns riding it in he parade of kiddos.
After the breakfast we headed to grandma Fergy's house for the cousin carnival where each family had a carnival game booth set up and prize for all the cousins to visit. We even had popcorn, cotton candy and peanuts for our carnival food & then what carnival is complete without some kind of stuffed animal you can win???
As you can see all the kiddos were thrilled with all their prizes even if the caterpillars were a bit creepy looking.
After the carnival we had our awesome hamburger buffet, always one of my favorites, especially when they manage to recruit the best grill chef around.
The afternoon brought lots of great swimming, relaxing, napping & oh the traditional HUGE-O Fergy water fight.
We chose to head home this year enjoy the perfect view of the RSL stadium fireworks from the comfort of our bedroom window.  This was the twiners first time watching fireworks and they LOVED it as you can see by Cami's smile.
I have always loved being able to relax with awesome food, family & fireworks on the fourth and this year once again delivered it all!

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