Saturday, December 31, 2011

Will the Craziness Ever End??

Our kids have always been a little crazy, but for some reason coming off from Christmas the extra craziness has begun to show its self.  This picture of Josh and Daddy was actually taken by Phoebe, she is improving!

Cami insists I do her hair everyday with mismatched pigtail clips, Sophie is ever so patient while her sibling think it is a good idea to dress her up.
Earlier this week the twins took a bath and when they were done they left the water in the tub and I guess I forgot to empty it after I dresses the whole gaggle of kiddos so about 30 minutes later Cami wandered back in the bathroom for a second swim. could you not love a ratbird like Crazy Cams.

On a side note: You know how hard wet jeans are to take off, well compound that with a diaper that has swollen to 10x its normal size and the effects are high obnoxious for mommies trying to change soaking children.

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Lauren said...

I'm sorry, but that last sentence made me laugh. So true... so true...