Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Every year I always say I am not leaving any sewing projects to the last minute and then EVERY year I find myself once again procrastinating on something and frantically sewing up until Christmas again. This year it was these cutie owls for other family member (In case you can't tell we have the wise owl, handyman owl, marathon owl, princess owl, astronaut owl & fireman owl).
On Christmas Eve our family follows the Potts family tradition of an Italian dinner which always is lasagna, bread, salad & italian sodas (I added the sodas to the menu beginning last year).
After our dinner we decorated our gingerbread cookies to enjoy as dessert and to leave out for Santa.  I was really impressed with Phoebe's decorating skills this year she did a Gingerbread cookie with a face and even added long hair she you know it was a girl.  Right after the picture however she dumped a ton of red sugar all over the face, Cory and I joked that maybe her gingerbread girl made the mistake of waking one of Phoebe's horror film elves...
After all messes were done being made we opened our traditional Christmas eve pjs in a pail (well I just added the pail part this year, something I have wanted to do for a while now).
After donning our new duds we read the scriptures & reenacted the story of Christ's birth with our Little People toy set.  As you can see by Phoebe's expression she LOVED this and kept asking to do it again. 
Our last bit of business for the night was to spread our reindeer food out in the front yard. This was the twins first year doing this and they got into it throwing spreading it everywhere.
Afterwards we tucked all in, read The Night Before Christmas and began cooking for our bountiful breakfast for Christmas.

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