Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree '11

Thanks to extended family our Christmas was VERY bountiful!
Santa also left his haul behind, Phoebe got a Mulan Doll, Cami & Josh got a Work Bench, & Sophie got Formula (her favorite!) Each of the kiddos & parents also got a movie in their stocking along with other small trinkets.
We always start the morning by gathering on our bed for a special prayer then going down to the tree together.
Everyone was a bit overwhelmed with so MANY presents. Phoebe was the first to open a present and in Josh's opinion she took too long so he had a seat to wait on one of Cami's gift, luckily it was nothing breakable.
This was one of the first years the twin got into opening their own gifts. They still required a little help, but they at least didn't make us do all the work.
The last present we got to enjoy was a Sophie in the box, definitely my most worth wile one yet.

For Christmas this year we go Josh his first train set and he LOVED it. He carries them all over the house, and pushes them in his baby stroller saying choo-choo.  He even shares his precious trains with Sophie, which she likes because they are small enough for her to hold.
For Christmas breakfast I splurged on the diet and made GIANT cinnamon rolls (one rolls take up a whole  8in cake pan) and they were delicious!
For the rest of Christmas day we went to church and then took naps/cooked dinner.  For dinner this year I broke out of the traditional ham routine and made an awesome roast beast with the other normal Christ mas sides.
After dinner we played with toys and relaxed. Christmas this year wasn't the jolliest in the Fergy home, patience was in low supply while fits were in a bountifulness, so in an eagerness to have better (normal) days ahead of us Christmas was taken down by Monday afternoon. Lets hope our Christmas' only get Merrier from here!


Annie said...

We had the same "Christmas Meltdown" experience so I loved your honesty about that. =) Christmas was totally gone from our house by 2pm on the 26th for the same reason, but somehow it has still taken us all week to recover. Hope you guys had a fun New Year's Eve!

Phil said...

I really want one of those cinnamon rolls!