Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Wind of Change in the Fergy House

Lately we have experienced some changes in the Fergy home.

1. My hair I went to get a cut and highlights and it came out much blonder with maroon highlights. I was shocked at first, but I am getting use to it and even learning to enjoy my bold change.
2. My baby twiners now believe they are too old for highchairs anymore. They look so grown up just sitting at the table in chairs.
Josh is especially cute falling asleep during lunch time which is now a more common occurrence since they refuse go to bed when we put them down and then wake up between 5:45-6am EVERY DAY!

1 comment:

Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

I LOVE your haircut. It looks adorable!!! Seeing it makes me want to chop mine short.