Wednesday, July 27, 2011

31 & Together Again

Last Sunday, on the 24th, Cory celebrated his 31st B-day. I always enjoy when it is his birthday because then for 6 mos we are once again the same age and I don' have to be the old lady. This year we didn't begin the party until the afternoon when we got home from visiting Grandma Wilkes. I decorated the entry way table so when Daddy came in this is what he was greeted with.  Immediately after unloading the car it was present time, which the girls I think were the most excited about.
After some short naps and baths we headed over to Grandma/pa Fergy's house to enjoy brauts and dutch oven potatoes. You can see the twinners loved them so much they are picking at the scraps left in the pan.
Once again I chose to do a doughnut cake for Cory, this year however it was all made out of jelly filled doughnuts, his favorite.
You can see Cory was really excited for his jelly doughnut cake, well at least I like to think that's why he made that crazy face. I really don't know why he was making that face, my sister-in-law Julie was the photographer while I was getting and bringing out the "cake"
It was a pretty nice a relaxing birthday celebration this year so thanks Daddy for growing one year older with me and giving us a reason to party.

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Ashley Ferguson Moreno said...

Did you make those doughnuts? They look yummy. And I'm totally offended that I was never offered one.