Monday, August 1, 2011

A Year Full of Fergy Froggy Fun

In the past year I have really gotten into buying some fun group deals like Groupn and several other sites.  It has enabled us to get to do many more things at much cheaper prices, so when I saw cheap Living Planet Aquarium Memberships I bought them.  In the end I got 2 adult and one child annual memberships for $18 bucks!  The kids love the aquarium but we rarely went because it was too over priced for how small it was.  No we will get to enjoy a full year of Fergy froggy fun.  Phoebe is so excited about the aquarium that we have been able to use it as incentives, such as get 10 good minding stickers and you will get to go on a special date alone to the aquarium with mommy or daddy.
For our first visit to the aquarium we went with Aunt Julie, Uncle Dennis & Afton on a the holiday Monday, which was a mistake, it was sooo busy, but it did make it possible so both Daddy and uncle Dennis could join us.
The aquarium is so small it only took us about an hours to make it all the way through so we got back right in time for naps.  After naps we went for a blessing dress photo shoot for Sophie, who wasn't as cooperative as I would have liked, & then to Grandma&pa Fergy's for a bbq.  There we had yummy food, which I didn't have to cook, always a plus. We also got to swing, play on the slide & chase a TON-o-bubbles. 
It was a pretty nice day full family fun & we even got grandma a bubble blower so next time her and uncle Davey don't have to nearly go faint from blowing bubble for nearly 45 minutes for my kids.

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