Monday, August 1, 2011

Beaching it up with the Fergy Clan

On Saturday we met Fergy clan for a day fun beach fun at WILLARD BAY STATE PARK. We had never been here before, but I can tell you we will be going back! It was a lot of fun and much easier to watch all of our kiddos on a smaller beach. The water was warmer which was nice because as you can tell by the pics it wasn't a sunny day. The kids played and played almost non stop while Sophie concerted on her two favorite activities, eating & sleeping.
We only had once incident with josh as he was walking in the water he fell and couldn't get back up so we had to run in to get him face up again, after that it took him a while to warm back up to the idea of getting back in the water, but he eventually did.
We left a couple hours before the rest f the clan since we still had a ton of chores still left to do before Sophie's blessing the next day.  Right as we were leaving Dennis and the nieces were building a sand castle while Charisse was burying the kids to make them mermaid tails. We never saw the finished product, but I am sure they were both masterpieces. As for me I once again learned the hard way that even if it isn't sunny you can still get burnt, I am currently a lobster.

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