Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summertime Fergy Fun

We live in a smaller home, especially for 4 kids and only have one car which means that we don't often get out so it is up to us to make our own creative fun, such as this box.  Several weeks ago I got some steaks in the mil I ordered and ever since then the kids have LOVED playing in the box and Styrofoam cooler they came in.  They have had their meals in these 2 boxes and have played several games of hide and seek in them too.
For outdoor fun the kiddos like sitting in our tiny sandbox I created from a storage bin, luckily I only have small kids so 2 can sit & play without any problems.
 We also have a fun wagon Grandma Fergy got the kids a couple years a go. We pull the kids around and around in circles in the yard, which is a little difficult seeing as w only have a 17x20 ft yard.
Right now the kids are really enjoying seeing all of our flowers beginning to bloom ans the grapevines grow with yummy grape goodness, their favorite!
To stay cool we sometimes splash in the sprinkler, but my kids much prefer to just strip down and enjoys some good ole fashion messy drippy Popsicles.
By far their favorite activity to do all together lately is playing in the sink. They all push chairs to the sink and stand and splash forever, my kitchen somewhat resembles a pool when they are done, which is annoying, but I try to take a deep breath & remind myself that at least it helps me maintain a constant nicely mopped floor.
I am really glad that these 3 kiddos are finally able to all play and enjoy several new actives together.

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